A fragrance can whisk you away to other times and places; it can provide a brief escape by calling up a special memory or by promising something new. We invite you to dream a little, take a slightly different path… Wear a BLUEHILL fragrance.


The common thread to many BLUEHILL fragrances is a French eau de cologne: an all-natural combination of citrus and flowers and herbs which acts as a sparkling first impression for each composition. Add to this the finest materials from around the world and you’ll experience everything from an early morning walk in Boston’s Back Bay to blossoms beckoning on a warm spring day.

An eau de cologne is a lighter version of a perfume that can be enjoyed without disturbing the people around you. We also offer several eau de parfum fragrances which are a little stronger and last longer.

Back Bay

symbol center

An early morning walk as the sun warms Back Bay’s grasses, leaves, and flowers.


Wild-growing purple grapes warmed by the late summer sun


back bay

An early morning walk as the sun warms Back Bay’s grasses, leaves, and flowers

Back Bay

beach rose

A trip to the beach with seaside roses and salt-tinged air

Beach Rose


A journey through Texas Hill Country with sunshine, earth, and dry wood

Texas Cedarwood


A soft and sensual combination of chai spice, jasmine, and vanilla

Vanilla Chai


A sophisticated blend of spice and wood

Saffron & Sandalwood

pink grapefruit

A citrusy pick-me-up with just a touch of tropical fruits

Grapefruit Zest


A gorgeous combination of orange, lime, and gardenia blossoms


Why Bluehill?

The Blue Hills Reservation, just outside of Boston, includes over 7,000 acres with more than 125 miles of trails traversing forests, marshes, swamps, ponds, meadows and an Atlantic white cedar bog. I have spent hours, days, years here in total, walking, dreaming, and even smelling fragrances-to-be (Concord is based on the intoxicating smell of grapes growing wild in Fowl Meadow, ripening in the late August sun).

About Me


Sandy Carr, Founder of Bluehill

I adore fragrances of all kinds (including Campbell’s tomato soup when you first open the can), but learning how to make them is something of a challenge. I attended Sniffapalooza in New York, fragrance workshops and the Art of Scent exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, and made a friend at International Flavors and Fragrances who invited me to come smell the amazing raw materials they work with. This was a great start, but I needed more. So… in the summer of 2013, I attended The Grasse Institute of Perfumery (GIP), a division of ASFO-Grasse. Here I learned about formulation, the use of naturals and synthetics, and spent all day long smelling, creating, and sharing reactions and ideas with others in the class. It was heaven. Fast forward 3 years, and here I am, recently back from The Art and Technology of Perfume workshop in New York, bringing the art of perfumery to Boston. Try a new BLUEHILL fragrance  – I’m sure there’s one for you!

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